Chung Shan School Maker Faire

Chung Shan School Maker Faire

“中山校园创客嘉年华” 旨在鼓吹学生们发挥创意与革新精神,并提倡学生们自己动手做,让学生们能在实践中学习新知识或技术,并加以创造性的应用。 这项活动主要提供一个平台,展出师生、家长及本地创客们在任何领域的作品与研究成果,并鼓励师生、家长及创客们与他人分享自己的作品/研究成果。 Maker Faire is a celebration of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness. It’s a place to show what we’ve made and to share what we’ve learned with others—a great match for any educational community. 欢迎大家踊跃出席。若有任何疑问,可联络中山小学(04-6436559)Lee Chian Jau (012-4210588) Everyone […]

RadioShack Malaysia's TECH CARNIVAL

RadioShack Malaysia’s TECH CARNIVAL

Come join us at the RadioShack Malaysia‘s TECH CARNIVAL at Gurney Plaza, Ground Floor Concourse Extension Wing from 16-19 June 2016 – a four day event filled with the wonders of RERO robotics! 16-17 June: Robot Demonstration 18 June : […]