Spaceley Christmas Eve’s Meet Your Match Private Party

Spaceley Christmas Eve's Meet Your Match Private Party

Celebrating the season of joyful, bless and love, sparkling your night in a such precious once in your life even you’re single and adorable.


Spaceley and VVIP International Event & Travel proudly present you a “Christmas Eve’s Meet Your Match Private Party”. Your MR / MS Right might be waiting for you under the same roof.

Below are the details of the event.
Date: 24/12/2017
Time: 6-11pm
Venue: Spaceley

1. Cocktail & Buffet Sessions
2. Interactive Fun Games
3. 5 minutes of One on One meet up ( you may mark down the people that you are interested, we will provide the contact details if there is mutual interest on you both)
4. Christmas Gift Exchange session ( *Minimum requirement of RM20 & above gift prepared by each participant )

Total Slots:
20 Persons (10 Gentlemen & 10 Ladies)

Exclusive Entry Fees:
1 person – RM 199 per pax
2 persons -RM 189 per pax

1 person – RM 109 per pax
2 persons- RM 99 per pax

Single Lady: 21~35 years old
Single Gentleman: 26-39 years old
Honest and Sincere
No product selling.
Register through

Please make the payment to acc below:
Beneficiary Name: SPACELEY PLT
Beneficiary Bank: OCBC Bank (M) Berhad
Account number: 730-125547-1

Send the receipt copy/screenshot and your name to

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