Penang Car Boot Barter Trade Carnival 2016

Penang Car Boot Barter Trade Carnival 2016

JCI United Penang Organisation organised an event “Penang Car Boot Barter Trade Carnival 2016” which had set to be held on August 13, from 5pm to 9pm at the Queensbay Mall Outdoor Carpark.

The organiser hopes to attract 1000 cars to participated in this event, thus earning an entry in the much coveted “Malaysia Book of Records”. The aims for the organiser to create this event is to create the awareness on Zero-Waste practices and encourage “Reuse, Reduce & Recycle (3R’s) in daily life. Besides that, this event are also serves to educate the younger generation the meaning of appreciation.

Participants are expected to bring along their unused items such as toys, books, shirts, electrical appliances, etc., in their cars to participate and exchange with other participants the items they desire to obtain. Throughout the exchange process, no monetary terms applied and it will increase the negotiation skills of participant.

More than 100 people were registered to participated in this event. The organiser hopes that more corporate and public may participated in this historical largest Car Boot Barter Trade event.

The previous CBBT event filled with fun, laughter and exposing participants bartering skills. The days end many participants made new friend and the extra/unused item found their new owner.

Participants are require to sign up by google form on Car Boot Barter Trade Facebook. For more information on this event, contact the organising chairman Alvin Poh at 012-499 9069 or email

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