Nyonya Beadworks Workshop

Want to learn how to make your own Nyonya beadwork? Join us and learn with May Lim, who picked up nyonya beadworks at the tender age of 6 and have been playing an active part in keeping the craft alive for the past 20 years.

Dates | Tarikh | 日期 :      15 May 2016 (Sunday)
Time | Masa | 時間 :         2:30 PM – 6 PM
Venue | Tempat | 地點 :  The Star Pitt St.
Ticket Price | Yuran Tiket| 票價 : RM30/pax
Limited to 15 pax)

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“For those unfamiliar with the wardrobe of a Peranakan woman, beaded slippers were elegant and delicate looking footwear made from fabrics like velvet or gauze, and decorated with tiny colourful beads, and gold and silver coloured thread. Needless to say, the finished product never failed to look stunning. Such shoes were de rigueur for social occasions like weddings and reunions and woe betide a Nyonya who wore anything else with her coiffed hair, accessories, kebaya labuh or Nyonya kebaya! After the shoes are used, they are carefully put away and wrapped in layers of soft, non-abrasive paper until the next special occasion. Beaded slippers are very fragile, and any break in the thread will slowly unravel the entire tapestry.
Not surprisingly, crafting a well-made pair of beaded slippers is a time consuming affair, and the ‘face’ for each pair could take several months to complete. The maker has to possess an infinite amount of patience and perseverance, a steady hand, good eyesight and of course a flair for aesthetic creativity.” Greatpenang.com

Brought to you by Penang Heritage Trust (PHT), The Star Pitt St. and Think City

Translation :

想学习如何自制娘惹珠饰吗?欢迎参与May Lim老师带领的娘惹珠绣班。May Lim老师在她六岁时就已学会了这门手艺, 至今有超过二十年传承娘惹珠饰的经验。


服饰导刊,二零一四年 九月 第三期

Penang Heritage Trust (PHT), The Star Pitt St.和 Think City联合举办。

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