Multiple Sclerosis Support Group (MS Support Group) Penang fund-raiser 2017

Multiple Sclerosis Support Group (MS Support Group) Penang fund-raiser 2017

worldmsdayorgMultiple Sclerosis Support Group Penang 13May2017 World MS Day

We need your support, says MS Support Group Penang

THE Multiple Sclerosis Support Group (MS Support Group) Penang through its chairman, Peter Lim appeal to the generous public to come forward and assist the organisation.

“This year our aim is to collect a total of RM20,000 for the group’s yearly expenditure, in conjunction with World MS Day 2017, which will be held at Komtar Auditorium A, on May 13, 2017, 2pm.

“The World MS Day is to raise the awareness on Multiple Sclerosis, (MS) with the actual worldwide celebration on May 31,” Lim told a press conference with exco for Culture, Caring Society and Environment, Phee Boon Poh at Komtar this afternoon.

During the function, Phee also launched the MS National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s newsletter – ‘MS Navigator’.

Lim said the support group assisting the northern region currently have 32 patients which was referred by the hospitals.

“The Penang State Government is supporting the token on ‘Warga MS’ (MS Patients) amount of RM100 which has been given away to the patients in the northern region since 2013.

“We are urging the Ministry of Health to waive the GST on the treatment of Interferon (to check MS),”
he added.

To help achieve the collection towards the group’s yearly expenditure, a fund raising dinner will be held at Rainbow Paradise Beach Resort on Sept 9, with each entrance ticket priced at RM100.

At the press conference, Lim who is also a multi sclerosis patient, in sharing his experience said: “I discovered that I suffered from MS in Apr 2007, when I was 28 years old. “After checking up with a neurologist, my world fell apart. I was deeply depressed, besides I also lost my job as a graphic artist then. “Over time, I managed to pull myself together as I kept telling myself, ‘Only you can help yourself’,” he said.

Lim added he took around six to seven months to recover from the shock of learning that he has multi sclerosis.

Multi Sclerosis is one of the most common diseases of the nervous system, affecting people of almost all ages in many parts of the world, although it has a special preference for young people, for women, and for those in northern latitudes.

MS has a genetic susceptibility, but it is not directly inherited. It usually causes attacks of neurologic symptons including vision loss, paralysis, numbness and walking difficulties.

Penang Multiple Sclerosis Support Group Association was founded in Apr 1, 2009. The MS Support
Group endorsed by Penang State Government since 2010, give prior concern on all Multiple Sclerosis patients by educating them on how to go on living with the disease and the awareness to manage it.

For further details about the MS Support Group’s activities, contact : 04-281 4055 or hotline: 013-4845522 or email:

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