Malaysian Catholic Campus Students’ Day (MCCSD 2) Diocese of Penang

Malaysian Catholic Campus Students' Day (MCCSD 2) Diocese of Penang

Theme: THAT THEY MAY BE ONE (John 17: 21)
Date : 23rd – 27th June 2017
Venue : Pulau Pinang, Malaysia


Closing Date of Registration : 31st March 2017


Feb 16, 2017

Wish to empower yourself by embarking on a self-enriching mission to become better disciples of Christ? Want to meet with new friends from all across the nation?

The opportunity will be coming very soon! The Malaysian Catholic Campus Students’ Day 2 (MCCSD II) will be held in Penang Island June 23 to June 27, 2017.
With the theme That They May Be One, this event is organised by the Campus Ministry Office under the Penang Diocesan Youth Network (PDYN), which is the youth office for the Diocese of Penang.

The first edition of MCCSD was held in Kuching in 2015, and the event saw almost 200 students coming together for a week of formation and fellowship.

This year 2017, the MCCSD II aims to gather 1500 Catholic campus students from colleges and universities across Malaysia.

For five consecutive days, campus students will get handson experience and workshops on social causes as part of mission work, where they are called to go out and make a difference in the lives of others.

The mission work will give students a glimpse of the various aspects of society, which include outreach programmes at soup kitchens, visits to the old folks homes and also sessions by independent body ALIRAN. This will help them to increase their social consciousness.
The social work that they will carry out will bring forth a sense of communion among the students and therefore will create unity and closer ties as one Malaysian Catholic youths, as well as contributing to the good of society.

Besides that, it will also be a time for the youths to bear testimony and witness to their faith, as well as evangelising others on the Catholic way of life.
The participants will be able to experience the opportunity of walking together in a Eucharistic street procession and also to pray together as one family in a night prayer vigil.
Through these activities, the participants will get to network with fellow campus students across the nation to share their joys, concerns and, as well as, helping one another.

MCCSD II chief coordinator Fr Simon Anand said that a huge gathering will bring about a sense of belonging among the campus students.
“Besides this gathering, we also want to help them in other ways, such as what is confronting them in their study life, and also the difficulties they are going through,” he said.
Fr Simon said that the big numbers encourages the aspect of witnessing the faith, to move others in prayer and actions.

He highlighted that the MCCSD II is a platform to initiate the interest of youths into politics, as it is important to have an awareness of current happenings.
“Besides the priestly vocations, politics can also be a form of vocation by championing social causes and being responsible citizens of the nation,” Fr Simon said.

He also said that he hopes that the 1500 young people who will gather in Penang Island in June to benefit from the programme and forge friendships among one another.
“I also wish to see these youths, one day, growing up to become great leaders of the country and the Church and to serve and contribute in their own positive ways,” he said.

Fr Simon is also appealing to Catholic parishioners residing on Penang Island to sign up as foster families and open their homes for the participants.
He is also asking for volunteers, in various fields, to come forward to help facilitate the MCCSD II in making it a spiritually-filled and successful event.

All Catholic campus students are urged to contact their respective diocese youth offices. Registrations will be open until March 31.

Those who wish to enquire for more details on how to register or volunteer, may contact the PDYN office at 04-2274851, or like the Facebook page at Malaysian Catholic Campus Students’ Day 2 – MCCSD 2 – 2017.

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