Little Tauke Children Flea Market – Penang Edition

Little Tauke Children Flea Market - Penang Edition

Do you want your child to learn:

a) the value of hardwork and perseverance?
b) how to speak up and communicate with strangers?
c) coping with rejection and failure?
d) appreciating the value of money?
e) to be creative and finding solutions to what people need?

LITTLE TAUKE CHILDREN FLEA MARKET help kids and teens aged 7-17 years old to develop important life skills such as financial management, selling techniques and social skills. To inspire the value of compassion and empathy, Kids are encouraged to donate part of their earnings to our designated charity at the end of business day.

Prior to the event, the participants will undergo a 3-hour business training and a 3-hour of hands-on experience on how to start a muffin business by Say Cakes. This interactive session aims to equip the LITTLE TAUKES with basic knowledge and insights such as product pricing, money handling, product display and customer engagement.

For more details and to register, kindly whatsapp or call us at 010-2171008 or visit our website at

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