KALER & KAFE FEST is a collaboration with Mushin Studios and Island Plaza. The event is an initiative to introduce the amazing and artistic world of Penang’s cafe, arts and hobby scene.

Our goal is to gather a community of cafes, baristas, performers and artists to create a platform for Penangites to meet up while participating in wholesome activities in an environment that is safe and vibrant to share their passion for food, coffee, performance and arts.

As stated in our title, the goal of KALER & KAFE FEST is to bring the festival to incredible heights and making it a legendary marker in the history of Penang’s cafe, arts and hobby scene. We will be introducing many new elements in this festival, such as art workshops, barista latte art competition, games, maid cafe, cosplay and etc. Thus, making it not only an event for food and art lovers but also for the fans of hobby and cosplay.

Calling out to VG & WS players: With the honored invitation, our team will be hosting a standard PR competition during the event. WS: Saturday, 12 Dec, 12pm – 3 pm VG: Saturday, 12 Dec, 3pm – 5pm Both competitions are strictly lined under basic head counts term with minimal 8 players to officiate the competition. Interested players please kindly register during the event day. For new players / New comers, TD competition will be available. Jus inquire for more information to participate with us in the competition and you may walk away with a custom ordered arcalyic made game board

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