JCI The Give Hair Give Hope Hair Charity Cut 2017

JCI The Give Hair Give Hope Hair Charity Cut 2017






活动当天,将由专业美发团队Max Style Hair Salon & Academy在现场提供免费义剪服务,名额有限。有兴趣者,请联络主办单位,以作安排。

“长发为谁剪,短发为谁留” 义剪捐发活动,诚邀你的参与!在此希望大家发挥公众力量,广传此活动信息,一起携手把希望带给每一名癌症患者。

Do you know that, there is a group of people at a corner of the world, that they are not having equal happiness as we are? Did you know that, they do not have beautiful hair like us? They are not as healthy as we are and to do things that we like to do. They have to face the pain of chemotherapy, watching their hair falling off, just to sustain their life .

If there is a little move from you and me, it will bring hope to them to look greater, just like you, to restore smile on their faces. Would you like to contribute with me?

A wig can rebuild the cancer patient’s self-confidence. However, it’s production isn’t easy, and it’s costly. We hope to collect 500 bundles of hair for making wigs through this event.

We are so glad to have a professional stylist team from Max Style Hair Salon & Academy in this event as strategic partner. They will be providing charity cut with no charge at the site. If you are interested, please contact the organizer for arrangement.

“Give Hair Give Hope” Hair Donation cum Charity Cut, we need you..!!
Let’s us keep the snowball rolling, spread the news to the public, together we bring hope to every cancer patients.

1. 剪下至少5寸的头发
2. 漂发者和头发受损者不宜捐发
Terms and Condition:
1. To trim at least 6 inches of your hair
3. Bleached / Damaged hair are not allowed to donate.


欲知更多详情,欢迎联络负责人 ~
Organizing Chairlady : Mei Tan 012-4584881
Marketing Director : Evon Tan 012-4535237
Your Hair, Our Love, Their Hope❤️ ❤️
你的头发,我们的爱,他们的希望 ❤️

JCI The Give Hair Give Hope Hair Charity Cut will be held on Aug 26 at St Jo, Level 3 Gurney Paragon, while the closing ceremony is on Sept 17 at Beach Street at 8am.

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