Honey…. someone shrunk my time!!

Honey.... someone shrunk my time!!Understanding hospital procedures and arrangements for the deceased.

“We were never masters of time, we did not time our birth neither can we determine our death but what we can do with time, is to be wise managers of it. Whatever time God has given us here on earth, we should learn to use it wisely.”


How time flies by so fast, it is coming to the end of Oct and Christmas is just around the corner. How fast another year will come to an end and the grey hairs sprouts beyond control. Have you ever sat back with a cup of coffee in your hands and just stare into space and reminisce the good old days when things were much simpler and less expensive. The good old days when games are all played outdoors rather than now, behind closed doors and in private. The ever-changing world,  let me rephase that, the evolution of humankind never stops evolving. I guess the world never changed but the people in it did. I still remember the childhood I used to have, playing “masak-masak”, with the girls next door. (I was 5 or 6 then, so…no funny ideas). I used to be the father that goes out to the market (gather leaves) and brings back the “fresh produce” for the ladies to cook. My dad would pitch a tent in the garden and we used to have endless fun back then. With just RM20.00 back then, you could probably have a feast in a nice restaurant but these days, take RM 20.00 to a hawker stall, it would probably buy you 3 plates of normal “char keow teow” and 3 glasses of “teh oh peng.”(iced black tea).

We can go on and on trying to bring the good old days back and wishing upon every shooting stars that how things could start at a certain point in time and you could change certain course of events in your life. The bad news is, you can’t, and you are stucked in that scene of a cheap pirated purple disk DVD for a long period of time hoping and wishing that things would be back like before.

We need to learn to make the best of what we have, to learn from the past and, hopefully, not repeat mistakes we made before. God has given us precious time and I believe He wants us to make the best in those precious moments that we can have with the people around us and not dig portholes for others to stumble. The only way for us to plan our lives well is to try this exercise. Picture this; you have 6 months to live, what would you do to make every single second count? I will leave you to answer this question by yourself and probably write more about this in the near future.

However, my article for the day is actually about hospital death. What to do in case your loved one dies in the hospital?

Many of us always hope for the best but being realistic about life will help you overcome certain stress that you may encounter during these times. If the doctor has mentioned that a loved one may not have much time left, we can only pray for a miracle to happen but whatever the outcome may be, it is always in the hands of God. We may never know His mighty plans or may never see what He sees but I know that what ever happens, He shall always be there for us.

The hospitals usually cleans the body of the deceased before sending home or to the mortuary, so it would be helpful to bring along the outfit that the family or the individual wants to be clothed in. Leave a standing instruction to the hospital staff (or nursing station) that this is the clothes, dentures, and shoes that you will like the deceased to be changed into upon death. Ask them to also place an adult diaper for the deceased as urine and faeces will discharge itself as the body lays in wake.

In Penang, these hospitals issues the burial permit; Penang General Hospital, Lam Hwa EE Hospital, Gleneagles Hospital, Penang Adventise Hospital, and Loh Guan Lye Hospital. Those that does not issue the burial permit, you would have to go to the nearest police station within that hospital zone to obtain one. Before going to the police station, the hospital will pass you the JPN form and the JPN 09 (cause of death letter) with the hospital’s stamp and Doctor’s signature.

Some people gets panic when they are informed that the body will be pushed to the mortuary, especially at the General Hospital, there is nothing to panic about, as it is their procedure to issue the burial permit, JPN form and JPN 09 documentations from there. If at the GH a family passes away from the ward, you can request the body to be placed in the freezer until you have prepared for the funeral arrangements. Any family members can be present to identify and claim the body from the mortuary.

Call a trusted funeral director you are comfortable with and try not to be fleeced by the agents that will promise you everything at the hospital. They can be quite relentless and insensitive during moments like this and some has this perpetual solemn look no matter it is a sad or happy occasion.

If your loved one passes away in the middle of the night, it would be advisable to ask the hospital to keep the body in the freezer until morning, as this will help in the preservation of the body.

The next article will help you understand the difference between cremation and burial process.

Till then… God Bless you and your family

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