[HERITAGE TALK SERIES] Special Area Plan of George Town

[HERITAGE TALK SERIES] Special Area Plan of George Town



As many people are aware, the Special Area Plan of George Town was gazetted recently.
This is the plan that will provide the guidelines on planning and development within the George Town World Heritage Site.
However, many people may wonder:
• What is the SAP?
• Why do we need to have this SAP?
• How can the SAP help conserve our heritage?
• Will the SAP affect business?
• What are the rules and regulations of the SAP?
• How will the state government enforce it?

In this coming September Heritage Talk, we have two speakers to share the story of the George Town Special Area Plan,
and answer the above questions.

About the speakers

Ms Lee Tit Kun
Heritage Architect
Conservation Heritage Department MBPP

Muhammad Hijas Sahari
Built Environment and Monitoring (BEAM) Manager
George Town World Heritage Incorporated

While admission is free, seats are limited. Please register at https://goo.gl/5WgvWT . Alternatively, you can call Mr. Tan Kean Boon at 04-261 6606 or Ms Annie at 04-261 0985 to book your seats.

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