Foto Journey With Callie 攝影・旅程

Foto Journey With Callie  攝影・旅程

“In most case an honest smile does wonders” Says Callie Eh about photographing strangers.

Callie Eh is a Travel photographer from Malaysia. She’s a troubadour at heart. She loves traveling, learning, experimenting with new cultures and documenting it a long the way. But beyond Callie’s ability to capture photos of people candidly and disarm any sort of hostility, she also got great eyes for composition.

About Callie Eh :
My name is Callie Eh a travel photographer from Malaysia.

I love traveling and experiencing new cultures, through photography I have changed the way i see the world in new way.

To me photograph are priceless, because they freeze the moment in time for you to cherish Forever.

I love what I do, as well as the people and places I photograph,
each person and every place has its own story, Photography is a fantastic story-telling medium. During my journeys to the ends of each travel, I have learned and experience different cultures, there is only one way to learn It’s through action.

If you want know more about Callie Eh, Please join her Journey:

Dates | Tarikh | 日期 :      10 Feb – 5 Mar 2017 (Monday – Sunday)
Time | Masa | 時間 :         10am – 6:30pm
Venue | Tempat | 地點 :   penangpac
Ticket Price | Yuran Tiket| 票價 :  FREE

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