Five aspire to act in made-in-Penang movie

Five aspire to act in made-in-Penang movieA shot at fame: Ashkin posing for a photoshoot during the audition for a role in Raj Ganesh’s film Gentleman in George Town on Saturday.

A shot at fame: Ashkin posing for a photoshoot during the audition for a role in Raj Ganesh’s film Gentleman in George Town on Saturday.

GEORGE TOWN: Five aspiring actresses turned up for an audition for director/scriptwriter C. Raj Ganesh’s upcoming action film Gentleman.

The film is about a British drug lord, Daniel Read, hiding in Malaysia from Interpol, and a special force police officer tracking him down ala James Bond.

Among the five who were interviewed and went through a series of photoshoots at the SOHO Freehouse & Penthouse in Upper Penang Road on Saturday night was student Jacquelin Ashkin, 15, who found out about the audition through Facebook.

“This is very new to me and I have high hopes of landing my first role in this local film, thanks to my parents who have been very supportive,” she said.

Reggeina Rachael Rodrigues, 21, was at the club for a drink with her friends when she came across the audition.

“I’m just trying my luck, as chances like these don’t come by often,” she said.

Also present were the main actor and actress, K. Mahesh Kumar, 29, and A. Rebecca Jeeva Rani, 24.

“In this movie, I will play a very naive girl who falls in love with the drug lord, and I will show him the inner side of Penang the food, culture and the people,” said Rebecca Jeeva Rani, a business administration graduate.

Mahesh Kumar, a fitness model and a business investor, said he would be playing a suspended cop brought back to the force to help track down the drug lord.

Penang-born Raj Ganesh said the movie would be filmed and produced by his company, Rocky Productions, and would be mostly in English as well as in Tamil.

He said the audition was meant to seek actresses to play the role of a policewoman and a waitress in the film.

Raj Ganesh said it would also star Miss Global International Malaysia 2011 Sheela Khaw Chwee Yin, 24.

He said he hoped to finish filming by the end of the year, and planned to air his movie in eight countries Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Australia, New Zealand, England and the United States.

“As most of the shooting will be done in various locations in Penang, I believe this is a way we can help bring Malaysia to the international level and put Penang on the map.

“Being an independent film producer, I face many barriers in producing this film,” said the 25-year-old mechanical engineering graduate.

Raj Ganesh added that he would be holding another audition for other extras on Jan 21.


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