EmpART Sekawan Art Exhibition

EmpART Sekawan Art Exhibition

‘EmpART Sekawan’ is a group of four friends (Goh Lee Kwang, Mahi Ramakrishnan, Rekha Menon & Yew Souf) from different backgrounds coming together as a team to share their passion for the arts.

Goh Lee Kwang
Goh Lee Kwang, is a Penang born sound artist currently residing in Kuala Lumpur. Over the years he has created sound installations, sonic-visual interactive installations, single and multi-channel videos, improvised music performances, recorded music, worked for radio broadcasts and soundtracks for theater, dance, film, sketches and has exhibited in both Asia and Europe.

Mahi Ramakrishnan
Mahi Ramakrishnan is an investigative journalist and filmaker, who also uses photography and art work to tell stories.Her body of work include the statelessness of the Rohingya refugees, effects of trafficking, migrant workers, street children and the child sex trade. She has traveled extensively in Asia Pacific reporting and producing documentaries on these issues.

Rekha Menon
Rekha Menon is a self-taught artist who was raised in Penang and is currently based in Kuala Lumpur. She loves experimenting with different mediums and techniques in her naïve and intuitive abstract art pieces and believes that abstract art is not just about a pictorial representation but rather the use of colour, brush strokes and emotions. Her aim is to create pieces that visually stimulate positive vibes to inspire you.

Yew Souf
Yew Souf is a Penang born artist who divides his time between his job as a creative director in an advertising agency in Petaling Jaya, and his passion for the arts and painting. He creates thought provoking art pieces and photography through fun creative ideas and observation from his daily life.

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