Down to Earth Life Market 3.0

Down to Earth Life Market 3.0

Down to Earth Market is a place to provide space for people to choose more responsible and socially beneficial goods and services. Our core priciples is to:

1. Support local and respect originality
2. Know your local farmers and producers
3. Responsible to the environment (Uphold sustainability)

As a compliment to our principles, d2e serves as a space that bring together organic farmers, artisans products, handmade arts work, DIY workshop, cooking demo etc to share their good stuffs, stories, music and goodwill & many many more healthy and happy things in this communal space & have oneness with the eco system.

We wish to reconnect lives, reconnecting back human with the soil and the foods that they are eating. Nature can’t speak, thus farmers become a primary speaker for the soil as they are in the front line to feed the community and to face the environment and we always respect for farmers especially those who are dealing with organic farming. We also wish to reconnect back human with the old wisdom or old tradition. There will be some hands on programmes to bring back to the old times, when our ancestor are doing it, most of them do it with gratitude. Everything was not easy in olden days and for every festival it is a precious day for them to thank mother earth, family, friends etc. We need this attitude to further make our earth more liveable.

More details on the vendors, sharings, workshops & programmes are coming up soon.

If you would like to become vendor, share your experience and expertise or contribute to workshops/programmes, welcome to drop us a message at

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