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Returning for its third year, the Butterworth Fringe Festival is a vibrant free and public street event celebrating the arts, culture, and heritage of this fine town.

Held concurrently with the George Town Festival, this weekend will feature exciting, family-friendly acrobatic and comedy shows open to everyone.

So whilst you are outdoors admiring the town’s unique attractions such as the Butterworth Art Walk, or dining along Jalan Raja Uda, participate in these local and international offerings that shine a spotlight on Butterworth’s beautiful community and its spaces.



True to its moniker, 360 Allstars explores all forms of rotation. Boasting a stellar international cast of breakdancers, bikers, basketball freestylers, and more, this revolutionary production will leave you dizzy with excitement. A sell-out show at both the Adelaide Fringe Festival and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe!


Inspired by a local tale of a Butterworth fisherman, this outdoor performance by Zamzuriah Zahari and Liu Yong Sean with Euphoria Dancers presents a cross-cultural performance that will fill the audience with awe and wonder.


For one day only on the 12th of August, get pumped up for this free acrobatic showcase and GTF highlight featuring seven gravity-defying acrobats pushing their limits without reservation.



Knives, fire and medival axes! These street performances will leave you stunted and wanting more. Dolphin Creative presents four international street performers: Jack the Flash the comedy stuntman, Diego the Charlie Chaplin-impressionist, JP Koala with his cuddly koalas and the Great Dave from the circus.


BFF2017 Roots Street Art

First organized in 2016 by Lokalhouz with overwhelming response, Roots Street Art returns as part of BFF17 with a 20-hour-marathon wall art competition by selected artists, a collective of indepedent merchandise vendors, cartoon workshop and an interactive class on Shibori, a traditional Japanese dye technique to create intricate patterns on fabric.


Mek Mulung BFF2017

Mek Mulung is a traditional Malay theatre that is unique to Kedah. Incorporating elements of Mak Yong, Menora and Hadrah, the theatre has a repertoire of 20 stories, although only a few survived today.

Originating from Melaka, Silat Dulang is an educational Malay martial arts performance chronicling the battle between legendary warriors, Hang Jebat and Hang Tuah.

Jikey is a traditional Malay dance drama popular in Kedah and Perlis. Better known as Yike in Cambodia and Likay in Thailand. This art developed into secular theater in the late 19th century.


After receiving astounding feedback for Laska of the Region at #GTF2017‘s Macam-Macam ASEAN, the saga continues at #myBFF17! That’s right – we’re bringing back four of our laksa vendors and bringing a small spoonful of Laksa of the Region to #ButterworthFringe!


BFF2017 String Fling! by Frankie

String Fling! is a signature marionette performance by Frankie. This brand new production features the latest celebrity marionettes in the wonderful world of string puppetry.


Negara Buku Book Market
A collective of more than 10 independent publishing houses, (such as Buku Fixi, Lejen Press, Roman Buku and other press names) from all over Malaysia converges at #ButterworthFringe for two days; displaying and selling writing and publications that cover all genres in both the English and Bahasa Malaysia language. Definitely a real treat for book worms! 🤓🐛


BFF2017 Pete Kallang

Sarawakian singer Pete Kallang is best known for his soulful voice and joyful persona. Bringing fun and joy to the local music scene, audiences appreciate his passion for music and are always emotionally engaged during his live performances.

Get yourself ready; for you won’t be able to stop yourself from dancing the second Pete Kallang hits the stage! And if you’re one who “don’t dance” we guarantee you, your foot would be silently tapping to the beat!


DIY Kaleidoscope Workshop

A craft workshop for kids age nine and above. Learn to make a kaleidoscope using three pieces of mirrors, a paper towel tube, colourful marbles, and other materials.
Please note that this event is limited to 40 pax (each).
Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/bff-diy-kaleidoscope-workshop-tickets-36816374768


Poetry and Pain Workshop

Words are a powerful tool to express our inner thoughts. Laika Jumabhoy presents this workshop for new writers to access their experiences and express them through poetry.
You will learn:
1. How to identify experiences that cause you pain
2. How to use poetry and writing as an outlet for pain
Seats are limited so please register now. Email your name and contact info to danny@sayitmeanitpenang.com


Introduction to Comedy Workshop

What is stand-up comedy? How to write a joke? If you’re new to the comedy scene or want to get started then this workshop is for you.
Join this workshop to learn:
1. What is the art of stand-up comedy?
2. What makes a joke work?
3. How to construct a basic joke for your performance
++ more
We have limited seats so please register now. Send your Name, Email and Contact info to danny@sayitmeanitpenang.com


Buttercan Presents Ghee

Music, Comedy, Poetry! All happening in an unassuming little Kopitiam. Arts and culture doesn’t have to be scary. It can be sweet and savory, warm and welcoming. Come be a part of the community with Buttercan presents Ghee!


Temple of Colours
Organised by BYG Architects, Temple of Colours is an art installation in cube form that reflects Butterworth’s rich arts, culture, and heritage. It speaks of contrast to its surroundings in form and scale.

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